Guitar Chord Windows

Inspired by the art of Richard Ripple, Bob Ross, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Rex Ray, Romero Britto, Wayne White, and Kristen Johnson, Andrew paints giant ‘guitar chord windows’ in oil on large 36×36″ gallery-profile canvas. Andrew’s original one-of-a-kind paintings feature various guitar-centric chord voicings which are known to be associated with certain famous guitar players he admires, and/or important people in his life. Other of these paintings are evocative of specific places, things and feelings that Andrew likes and which are special to him.

Andrew’s concept of a guitar chord ‘window’ is based on his interpretation of the standard guitar chord diagram or grid; which, to him looks like a multi-pane window. When he plays chords on the guitar, Andrew lets his imagination run wild & free—transporting him through those windows to other places in time, other worlds, and other realms of self-discovery, cognizance and creativity. In the case of Andrew’s paintings, one can play the chord and look through the window to explore where it leads.


Purchase Andrew’s Unique Paintings

Each painting in this series is available for purchase and is priced as marked. For more information, contact (serious inquiries only, please and thank you).